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boss bullying

Boss Bullying and How to Deal

Do you have a boss bullying you? If so, you may learn a thing or two on how to handle them after watching this. Or you just may lol.

Remember: “If you’re experience boss bullying in the workplace it can have many negative effects on an employee,” Teach adds. “It could severely impact the employee’s morale–so much so that the employee doesn’t even want to come in to work anymore. Bullying can bring on depression, self-doubt, and can lower an employee’s self-esteem. Unfortunately, these characteristics can carry over to an employee’s personal life, as well. If we’re depressed at work then there’s a good chance we’ll be depressed at home, too. It ‘s unfortunate that bullying bosses either don’t know or don’t care how much of a negative impact they have on their employees.”

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baby elephant girls

Baby Elephant Attacks Girls in Africa

Ah! A baby elephant attack! Humans may become endangered if they all start getting this idea!

Girls play with a baby elephant in Africa. There are times in your life that you just need to get away. Sounds like fun to explore and go on a safari.

Doolly Noted

  • When baby elephants are born their birth weight is about 250 pounds
  • Their height is about 3 feet tall
  • About 99% of calves are born at night

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