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How do I Rearrange Photos in Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can’t arrange photos on Instagram but they do allow you to delete the old photos and reupload them in the order you would like. Keep in mind, this will remove all the likes and comments those photos have. Also, if the photo was ever shared on social media, that link would be broken. 🙁 
Try this, just start uploading images and video in the organized style you want. Eventually, your feed will look the way you want. Keep the old, it will just look like new chapters in your life. Plus, you won’t have any broken links. 🙂

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apple ios 10

Apple iOS 10 Update has some Drawbacks

Apple iOS 10 has some negative drawbacks, one major one being, inefficiency.

Apple iOS 10 or Apple for that matter is losing their game nowadays, well kinda. You can say they got pretty lucky with Samsung and their exploding phone issue. Many people think that was planned to help Apple sales and hold on to their investors. Major companies gotta work together right? Like GM and the United States bail out because everyone knows Samsung has very reputable products.

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hacking driverless autonomous cars

Driverless Cars Computers Prone to Hacking

The rise of driverless or autonomous car machines are about to hit the world by storm in the coming years but are we better with or without them?

After the Tesla incident and many Google driver-less car accidents, it’s becoming apparent that autonomous vehicles may not be safe. Though, there are many tweaks and updates that software engineers need to make to the vehicles. Through this tidiest trial and error, many lives are expected to be lost. The accidents that have been happening have all been computer software related. Think though, once driver-less cars start too boom to a larger scale they may become a target for hackers.

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apple ipad large

Apple Unveils iPad Pro, Largest Tablet Ever

Tim Cook unveils iPad Pro, Apple’s largest tablet ever, starting at $799.

The Apple iPad Pro is bigger than ever! Apple is getting bigger and bigger with their screens but how big is too big?
This new portable TV, I mean, iPad Pro by Apple that will be released in November 2015 is a whopping 12.9 inches!
What the? Is Apple trying to make the tablet less portable? Is Apple trying to create a portable TV? A portable desktop, since they’re are also releasing a stylus and keyboard as well?

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apple watch iwatch

Apple’s Health App: Ain’t Nobody Got an Apple Watch For That

Does Apple really think that people are actually going to use the new Health app on the Apple Watch or on their iPhones with iOS8?

It is like Apple wants every bit of personal information about you.

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windows 8 tiles

Windows 8 Sucks

I can’t dread it enough! Working with an HP ENVY laptop with Windows 8 is the worst part of my life thus far, no kidding! I’ve been trying to work with it for business and totally slows me down. I accidentally hit a button and the stupid window tile screen pops up! I accident touch the right of the screen and the pop up menu shows up! Even viewing photos is a total drag! Eveythime I open a photo it opens in some odd Windows Picture view without a adequate escape path! I don’t need this! I want to open photos using my default Irfanview! I use to love Windows but it is really breaking my heart with this obsolete machine. I’m considering down grading the HP ENVY to a Windows 7 because it just works! Much more efficient. I really hope Windows Microsoft gets their act together because they are sucking when it comes to entrepreneurial minds like myself that need to work and work efficiently.

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eBay’s Turbo Lister Review

Turbo Lister from eBay, if you’re not familiar with it is a free listing tool to help you create professional looking listings but it goes to show that from its release date back in February 6, 2009 it’s becoming really really bad. There has to be pretty much everything wrong with it and I don’t know why eBay hasn’t done anything to fix any issues with the program or why they even still have it around.

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