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Ginger Tea Benefits

Ginger tea benefits many parts of the human body. Here is a list of many ways ginger tea can help you live a better, more healthier life.1. Gastric health benefits of ginger is managing multiple digestive problems such as poor digestion, bloating, stomach disorders and even cancer. Incredible benefits of ginger tea are drawn from amazing antibacterial properties of this root. Ginger root has been demonstrated in several clinical studies that many gastrointestinal pathogens such as E. coli, Candida, Salmonella, and even Pseudomonas aeruginosa to neutralize.
2. Morning sickness, which is so prevalent among women in their first trimester could spread by the benefits of ginger tea can be alleviated. Steep ½-inch ginger root in hot water and consume several times to manage morning sickness and vomiting attacks during the day. Motion sickness is another condition that by Ginger could be relieved.
3. Incredible benefits of ginger tea can improve the sperm quality and enhance Males fertility. Some studies show that men had slightly increased sperm count and activity compared to data before you try ginger supplements regularly ginger.
4. Antioxidant effect of ginger tea protect body cells against free radicals and harmful effects ward off many dangerous diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke and many more.
5. Cholesterol management benefits of ginger tea has been known for a long time. Not only ginger benefits reduce platelet stickiness, it also helps lower dangerous levels of bad cholesterol LDL and keep good cholesterol HDL levels high. Taken to prevent Ginger compounds bad cholesterol from the intestine and facilitate its removal from the body.
6. Ginger can joint inflammation in osteoarthritis patients due to strong relationships that inhibits the anti-inflammatory action of enzymes and prostaglandins reduce that to. experiencing significant pain and joint degeneration Ginger can be taken orally and applied directly to the joints in the form of oils, ointments and envelopes.
7. Potent compounds in ginger, Paradol and found gingerol can successfully kill cancer cells and prevent cancer itself. To other tissues and organs by inhibiting the processes of tumor initiation and development
8. Persons who are at increased risk for type II diabetes can greatly benefit from having fresh grated ginger in their diet. Gingerol combination of these strong root has been proven to increase insulin sensitivity and lower overall levels of blood sugar.
9. Ginger is your double protection against obesity – not just this root system significantly increasing bodies metabolic capabilities, there may be some fats from incorporated into the system to prevent.
10. Ginger is your incredible help in the prevention and treatment of colds, flu and all kinds of infections of the upper respiratory tract. Ginger tea helps thin sinus and throat mucus, help you cough mucus and congestion to be reduced. Ginger is both antiviral and antibacterial, so it practically helps you relief from all kinds of diseases of the upper respiratory tract is essential.
Ginger is as safe as a rule, but if taken in large amounts of ginger side effects could come into force. People prone to heartburn should not be avoided ginger gas, bloating and gastrointestinal ailments. In addition, Ginger is a blood thinning herbs, exercise caution if you are taking anticoagulant drugs to prevent potentially dangerous side effects of ginger.

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Don’t Buy China Made Product Garbage

China made products don’t have much regulation when it comes to making products. Long story short, it’s mostly shit.

80% of the time their products contain some life threatening ingredient that can potentially harm life in some way. Either, debilitating, mentally disabling or may just give you cancer.

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lose weight fast

10 Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Ready to lose weight fast? It can be a little tough for some people. You may have to dramatically alter your current eating habits. Some people swear by powder shakes but where is the real natural nutrition in those?

There are many ways to lose weight fast and just cutting back on eating can make you very hungry.

  1. Avoid sugary drinks and concentrated fruit juice.
  2. Drink coffee or tea. Coffee and tea can boost your metabolism because of the caffeine. Did you know that green tea is a natural fat burner?

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Stem Cell Experiment Helps Stroke Victim Walk

In Stanford, an experiment was done on 18 stroke victims. The researchers injected stem cells directly into the brain of the stroke victims and they were stunned by the results.

The research was only to check the safety of the procedure not the effectiveness but 7 of the 18 patients came out with restored motor skills. 

This is definitely creating a buzz in the neuroscience community and I bet the 2016 ex-presidential candidate Ben Carson is taking interest as well.

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Prevent and Reduce Alzheimer’s and Dementia

There are many ways to help reduce and even prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. Let’s first go over foods that can help.

Top foods to help prevent and reduce Alzheimer’s

  • Blueberries
  • Kale or green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts (peanuts are not recommended)
  • Olive oil
  • Salmon (contains essential omega 3-6-9 oils)

So if you look at this list, it appears that if you eat healthy you may not get Alzheimer’s. That’s quite the obvious answer for many illnesses. Eat healthy, you are healthy, right? This information is the most widely shared online, so we are sharing it as well.

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Juice Drinks: Companies Remove Natural Vitamins

Have you ever bought natural fresh cold-pressed orange juice? If you ever have, you will see the wide range of vitamins and nutrients still listed on the nutritional fact label. Next time you go grocery shopping for juice, make sure you’re actually buying what you expect from a juice. When people think “juice” we think,”Juice, it’s healthy right?”, not always.

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Are Cellphones Bad For You?

Yes, but in low usage it’s only moderately harmful. What cellphone radiations does to people’s brains, whom talk a lot, the brain gradually gets warped. It takes time to see side effects from phone radiation, it can take many years. Through these years, your brain constantly tries to heal itself from radiation exposure. With proper nutrition and having an optimal immune system you can offset side effects even longer. Eventually, some brains cannot fully heal properly from all the continuous healing. Cells eventually become retarded and develop deformities and forget how to heal the body. They get tired and forgetful. When cells get to the tired and worn out stage they start clumping together. As the cells clump together, they create large masses within the skull, we call this a tumor. Tumors can be either benign or malignant. Benign tumors don’t effect other parts of the body. They usually remain where they grow and sometimes they stop growing. Malignant tumors grow and can spread cancerous and defective cells throughout the body which decreasing longevity.

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Natural Cut Fries Aren’t So Natural

A lot of fast food joints and restaurant’s are promoting natural cut fries. Which they leave the skin on the potato. It has been discovered that these french fries are not so natural at all. The skin especially has high trace amounts of pesticides and many other harmful chemicals which can cause many negative effects on the body and to human DNA. Though the effects are not instant, it may take many years to show any signs or symptoms. As we all consume what we believe is natural and while our bodies start to deformed together as we eat the same garbage foods, one day we will lose sight of what is it to be normal. We will all just become weird together and not know it. There has been a huge increase in weird people since chemicals to make food came into play.

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gmo labeling

Should GMO Foods be Labeled?


Wouldn’t you want your kids to know what they are eating. Obesity has already impacted America. We don’t need anymore health concerns. We need to help our children’s eating habits. We know that they are going to eat whatever they want when they are with their friends but wouldn’t it be smart to label foods for them to actually know what they are eating. Growing minds should be well aware of what is going inside their food or how it is being made.

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Prop 65: Everything Causes Cancer

People and our government are finally acknowledging that everything causes cancer, especially California.

Prop 65 stickers, labels and signs are being posted throughout numerous cities. Many companies now require that everything that can cause cancer, be posted with a cancer sticker. Just to point out the obvious, practically everything is getting a sticker. I even need to wear a t-shirt when I smoke cigarettes due to second hand smoke dangers.

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